What Make Us Different?

That’s why we’ve designed this new approach to learning. LSST is designed specifically for people who want to benefit from high quality courses but who have decided that the traditional student experience is not for them.

We provide a focused teaching and learning environment that will lead to academic and professional qualifications. And this is precisely where our commitment lies.

Quality of Teaching

Our course teams contain both academics and practicing professionals. Their aim is to work together to help you discover your subject from all angles, the theory, and the practice. And unlike many other institutions, our tutors maintain high levels of class contact and offer support to help ensure you are learning throughout your time at LSST.

LSST validates all of our awards, so you can be confident that you are studying at the university level and be assured that the content is of high quality.

LSST is a new concept in higher education that is designed to integrate study into the life that you lead.

Gaining higher-level skills and qualifications is really important, but sometimes it can be difficult or virtually impossible to fit traditional study into your life.