Search Peace Foundation is an organization that conducts interfaith & intercultural workshops, Events, Seminars & Conferences to promote peace and harmony globally.


At Search Peace Foundation, we are working continuously to develop and improve our accountability (a vital part of legitimacy) in order to fully support our vision and mission and ensure that our work has the greatest impact. We have many policies and instruments in place to achieve this, such as participation, feedback, complaints-handling and reporting.

When you donate towards a particular cause or project we make sure that we have our associated team and resources to direct your donation towards the people and communities who need it the most. We take your donations very seriously and make sure that every penny is spent in the correct manner. All donated funds are monitored and reviewed (Founder & Chairman of SPF), who ensures that Zakat, Sadaqah and other funds are spent correctly. A detailed feedback report is sent to our donors after the completion of the project and the allocation of the funds. Search Peace Foundation believes that if we work together we can make a difference and for that, we keep our work transparent among all the stakeholders which include; the public, the donors, the volunteers, the staff, and the regulatory bodies in the countries we operate respectively.


In order to decide which areas to work on, special attention will be paid to whether emergency relief; as a result of a natural disaster e.g. earthquake and flood; is required or whether the work is related to the other charitable aim e.g. helping the poor and the needy.

Our slogan is ” Cohesion Among Mankind “. Embrace everyone no matter which religion, faith or community he/she belongs to. As everyone has the right to breathe. No matter Australia, Japan, Korea, China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Middle East, Africa, UK, Europe, USA, Canada, we all share the same birth process and taste the harsh reality of death as no one is immortal.


Volunteers are the backbone of the Search Peace Foundation. The involvement of youths and volunteers plays a vital role in carrying out the SPF activities.